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Thread: has moved!

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    Damit Senanayake Guest has moved! is now at .

    Look for an update to the content soon, including:

    * updated versions of the dsListView, dsTreeView and dsMenu controls
    * an addin for reusing code snippets
    * a pure Win32 form class that has events, notification interfaces and
    support for calling client functions
    * an article on thunking to 16-bit using VB4/16

    Damit Senanayake | |
    Please reply to newsgroups, not by e-mail. | ICQ: 6930718

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    Eddie Burdak Guest

    Re: has moved!

    Damit Senanayake <> wrote in message
    > is now at .

    Yahoo! At least this one I can get to and see what you're upto. Unlike
    Xoom's 404


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