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Thread: VB Design Team - Seeking VB Programmers!

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    John McCormack Guest

    VB Design Team - Seeking VB Programmers!

    The VB Design Team site was created to offer individuals with or without prior
    Visual Basic programming experience the opportunity to find others that share
    the same interest - designing Visual Basic programs as part of a team.

    Join the team for free at

    Thank You, and hope to see you soon!
    John McCormack
    VB Design Team Director

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    James Guest

    Re: VB Design Team - Seeking VB Programmers!

    I really like this idea - I did join one the other week, joined a project
    and never heard anymore. Anyway lets hope your system works slightly better.
    I would advise getting rid of the ICQ requirement though, many of us will
    not use it due to its security issues - try Messenger.

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    John McCormack Guest

    Re: VB Design Team - Seeking VB Programmers!

    Thanks James.

    The ICQ is not a requirement, but only a feature that is available at this
    time. I will be adding more features to the site as they become available
    and I find them to be helpful for all. The site and team is still very new,
    only weeks old and I testing to see what works and what can help all members.
    So far we have over 200 members from 30+ countries and growing daily, so
    as the site/team becomes more popular and used, the site will also grow with
    more changes from suggestions from members.

    Thank you again for your feedback!
    John McCormack
    VB Design Team

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