<Official Axiom-Tech Software Announcement>

We, Axiom-Tech Software are having a 50% off sale until Christmas Day.
That's right... you heard correctly... our AXEditorPro 3.0 product is now
selling at 50% off until Christmas Day. Due to the overwhelmingly positive
responses and requests from our customers, the cost of the product or
additional licenses of the product have been reduced from $139.00 (US) to
$69.95 (US).

That's right! We're over stocked and our entire Fall inventory must go!!
We're slashing prices! We're cutting costs! We're reducing inventory! So,
come and get them while supplies still last.

AXEditorPro 3.0 is a Microsoft Visual BASIC (tm) add-in which will
automatically expand keywords as you type them in the VB source code window.
It also comes with a keyword editor which allows you to add, modify and
remove keywords and how they expand. It is fully customizable and comes
with a file of default keywords and expansions which you can modify as you
see fit. It is very easy to use and both an addictive and powerful
productivity tool for any VB programmer. This kind of functionality should
have been built into the VB editor a long time ago. It is now available
through Axiom-Tech Software.

A free 30-day trial version is available to download from our web site at
We can also be reached by email at info@axiom-software.com or technical
support at support@axiom-software.com

Best Regards,
Scott Bressette
Axiom-Tech Software

P.S. We are currently, actively working on accepting credit card orders,
however, until that system is in place, we will accept all payments by