I have just released a new addin for Visual Basic developers, the
vbClarity Visual Menu Editor, available from

The Visual Menu Editor gives Visual Basic developers a graphical
menu design environment comparable to the menu editors available for
users of products such as Microsoft Visual C++ and Borland's Delphi.

o Full drag and drop support.
o Full clipboard support.
o Unlimited undo/redo capability.
o Automatic name generation for menu hierarchies.
o Visual Basic style property browser for easy editing of menu properties.
o Import/export to Visual Basic Form, MDIForm and UserControl files.
o Import menus (and optionally accelerators) from Visual Studio
resource script (.rc) files.
o Import menus (and optionally accelerators) from resources in a
compiled application.
o Capture menus (and optionally accelerators) from a running
o Export menu layout to an HTML document - useful for documenting
those large menu hierarchies.
o Fully customizable user interface, including advanced features such
as dockable toolbars and menus that only show recently used commands.
o A comprehensive library of commonly used menu templates.
o Can be used as an Add-In for the Visual Basic IDE, or as a stand alone
o In-Place caption editing.
o Full keyboard navigation.

Paul R. Wilde
Visual Basic Clarity Online