Major Press Release - 20 December 2000

Agendum Software ( is pleased to announce
over 2 years of programming and 30,000 lines of code culminating in the
release of:

AgMapthat Project Browser Plus - The Visual Basic Project and Object browser
replacement add-in!

We started with the ClassView idea from Visual Studio and integrated every
usable portion of the entire Visual Basic extensibility interface. This
turned out to offer even more than we had expected, and the flexibility
achieved using this approach is beyond our wildest dreams. This did not stop
us from going well outside the bounds of the Add-In model and adding
features like Insert Error Handler and support for Enums, Locals and UDT's.
The combination of customizable visual access and integrated code management
make this tool a must have for serious developers and beginners alike.

Every piece of the IDE and your projects are gathered in one place with
customizable views. Quickly locate projects, components, members, controls,
properties and more in your workspace. You decide how much information, and
at what level of detail, is presented in the treeview. Visually access every
aspect of your project from its components down to local variables. Access
your projects code members from either a project component or code pane
approach. The Code Library offers an integrated approach to code management
and enables source file importing.

Easily insert commonly used code such as error handlers, select case and
Code Library favorites. View detailed reports of your project from its
properties to the number of lines of code. View detailed information about
the IDE environment as you are working on your projects. Easily access
every window in the IDE from a single list in the Windows collection. View
detailed properties of all of the registered Visual Basic addins.

This addin is intended to completely replace the existing Project Explorer
and eliminate the need for the dropdown combo boxes in code windows to
locate existing source or get to variable declarations. It will give you
instant access to methods, properties, variables, constants, events, enums
and types in code windows, and easy access to designer windows, property
settings, related documents, resources, etc.

Other capabilities include but are not limited to:

* Source Code encryption within your project!
* Full group task and project management and tracking. Tasks can be
assigned to individual programmers where they appear in assigned colored
nodes on that programmers machine!
* Multiple style project reporting and printing!
* Fully user defined tree views that can be saved as favorite views!
* Multiple code wizard like Select|Case supporting full ENUMS auto access
and more!
* Auto-Code indentor and code formatter
* Auto Project backup with user settable timer
* Full VB IDE Extensibility interface access!
* Component, node level or global insertion of handlers, headers, source
* Component, node level, or global sorting of components and procedures
* History!!! Move backward and forward in your project. AgMapthat PB+
keeps track of where you have been and where you are!
* Ten preconfigured Toolbars with Power Buttons or create your own from
hundreds of buttons and icons built in for every feature!
* Instant access to Local Variables, Enums and Types, Control Event
Procedures, Implementation, Implements and WithEvents Support, Method
Categories, Control Properties, and Menu's and menu structures!
* Immediate access in the tree to all parts of a VB project. View .frx
files, auto-open .vbp files in your favorite text editor, tree display full
path to all objects in a project, list references, dependencies - or just
about anything else you need or want!
* Full context sensitive bubble help!
* Everything within AgMapthat PB+ is user configurable and can be turned on,
off and even saved as a favorite view setting!

and much, much more! And with all of this, as our outside Beta testers
and those that have seen it, have stated "This product is so intuitive,
configurable and easy to use, I will not be able to ever program in VB
without it again!"

Visit our web site and download the just released trial version today.
AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus!


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Upcoming new release! AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus! Setup your
treeview display with favorites, encrypt your source, enable full group
task management and more! Visit our web site today for more information
and screenshots on this soon to be released major VB enhancement tool!