Sorry I lost you; it's just that I have a strong feeling about the right
of privacy and I see this as an encroachment on privacy that seems trivial,
but, may someday get out of hand. Ever seen "The Crucible?" Substitute "unauthorized
software" for "seen with the Devil."

If you're losing money on support calls for unauthorized use, you have a
different problem. You should make sure that everyone that calls in is legitimate.
I have no problem with that.

A suggestion: To register, you go to a web site or call in on the phone.
You're given a key that identifies you (or your Company). The software on
the machine creates a key that identifies the machine. You give the web site
your ID and machine key and you get back a key that activates your software.
Combine the keys and viola, you have access etc. No data is ever transmitted
or received by the software itself. (If I get to provide my own key, I like
that better). If I switch computers or Motherboards, do I have to get a new
key for that machine? I could live with that as long as the key aquistion
is easy, although I'd rather not.

But, if your primary argument is that you're losing money in support, I think
you'd be better served coming up with a support verification system.