I was infuriated to find out recently that Infragistics now demands that you
install a tool they call "DPAC" (Digital Product Activation Certificate)
about which they say:

"The activation process identifies your machine by a unique one-way hash
code generated from the machine's hardware. This hash code can be used to
identify the machine, but it reveals no private information about the machine
or its contents. In fact, because the hash code is one-way, it cannot be
deciphered, nor can it be used to discern any information about your machine."

Do you remember the excitement Intel generated with unique ID's for Pentium
III's? I don't care WHAT it's collecting. They have no business requiring
me to allow them ANY information about my system in order to use a component.

It does nothing but add complications for the developer. Just read the FAQ's
page to find out how much more it may complicate your development job.

Please join with me in getting Infragistics management to discontinue this
policy of "Big Brother" interference.