I hate to keep going around with you on this but since you are so concerned
I have had responses. I think something else might of interest to you but
you are not everybody in this particular newsgroup or any other newsgroup.
I hardly feel that posting something twice to clarify my first posting does
not constitute everyday. You might also want to consider that if something
does not pertain to you and you don't want to offer your "expertise" in helping
others then don't read/respond. I did not post this message trying to strike
an arguement. I simply needed a third party tool which I felt that this particular
newsgroup would fit my needs perfect. Sorry if I offended you in any way.
Maybe if you have a posting that I run in to hopefuly I could be so generous
as to return the favor.

Have a nice day.

"Patrick Troughton" <Patrick@Troughton.com> wrote:
>Hi Dennis,
>Ah, biting the hand that feeds, I see? Would you rather post the same message
>day after day and wonder why nobody's bothered responding? At least I posted
>something constructive while everyone else was ignoring you. Have a nice
>"Dennis Tucker" <dennisjt@home.com> wrote:
>>Patrick, as I stated before I am looking for a third party tool to aid

>>the implementation of VB productivity. I felt this was the appropriate

>>for this particular scenario. If I ever decide to post another question

>>seek some professional expertise I will re-think as to where I post and/or
>>I will consult with you and get your expert opinion on the appropriate

>>Thank you
>>"Patrick Troughton" <Patrick@Troughton.com> wrote:
>>>It sounded like you did...."If you take a look at http://news.devx.com,

>>>see that this group is labeled "Announcements/Third-Party Info." I can

>>>how someone might conclude that this is the best place to ask for information
>>>about third-party tools."
>>>"Phil Weber" <pweber@devx.com> wrote:
>>>> > As I said, and Phil has concurred, you should be posting
>>>> > in a more appropriate newsgroup where you are more
>>>> > likely to get a better response. Try vb.general.
>>>>Patrick: I concurred? If I thought Dennis' message was more appropriate
>>>>vb.general, I would have moved it there. I think it's fine here.
>>>>Phil Weber
>>>>DevX Newsgroup Admin