Agendum Software has released the latest update to AgMapthat - Project
Browser Plus. Agendum continues to enhance and improve our entire product
line and with this latest release, AgMapthat PB+ now contains new
enhancements and capabilities allowing easier project navigation, project
tasks and group management and more. We have also corrected some issues
reported by users and have enhanced the Code Library functions to fully
support import of almost any type of code snippet whether it be in a text
file, a .bas module, a class or simply copy and paste.

Future updates will also include many more new code creation wizards much
like the now included Select-Case, ENUM supported wizard. New wizards
forthcoming include For-Next nested loop with auto comment strings, If-Then
wizards with auto-comment strings, A new 'AutoHandler' that will
automatically insert your comment header and error handler into the current
procedure, current object or globally through out the project -
automatically up accessing a code procedure window!

In addition, we have now implemented our new web based Help system for a
number of our products. Visit a product detail page and have immediate
access to the entire products help file and printed manual online via a link
on our web site! Current help files and manual available for online
viewing in your browser include AgMapthat Project Browser Plus+,
AgFastform - Resize & Form Design Control and AgTransform - Shape form and
Image Trace Control.

For updates or more information, please visit


Todd B - Agendum Software |
(608) 837-6736 Voice (419) 821-9599 Fax

NEW release! AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus! Setup your treeview
display with favorites, encrypt your source, enable full group project
task management and more! Visit our web site today for more information
and screenshots on this major VB enhancement tool!