Data Dynamics ActiveReports 2.0
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Data Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of ActiveReports 2.0. The new release of ActiveReports includes a Standard Edition and a Professional Edition.

ActiveReports is based on the Active Designer specification, which allows a component to be integrated into the hosting design environment, allowing it to make full use of the environment's services.

ActiveReports provides flexible report coding options. Events and expressions can be coded in Visual Basic and compiled into the application or coded in VBScript or JScript and interpreted as part of the layout.

ActiveReports allows you to import reports created in Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports using the included wizards. In addition, it includes a report wizard that steps you through creating simple reports without writing any code.

ActiveReports' data binding capabilities allow you to run your reports from DAO, RDO, ADO and XML data sources or use the unbound data mode to run reports from collections, arrays and any in-memory data.

ActiveReports provides a number of export filters including Rich Text (RTF), Acrobat PDF, Text, HTML, Excel and TIFF images.

ActiveReports Professional Edition includes all the features of the Standard Edition and adds a ROYALTY-FREE runtime report designer and a web server report caching service.

The report designer control allows you to customize the reporting environment to fit your users' needs. You can save and distribute your reports as individual report layouts that can be loaded into the designer and modified by the end user.

The report caching service and ISAPI filter allow you to create a flexible web reporting server. The service integrates with ActiveReports export filters and serves their output directly from memory to the client browsers.

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