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Thread: ListBot Going Out of Business

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    Larry Rebich Guest

    ListBot Going Out of Business

    I have been using to manage a list of people who 'subscribe' to
    my monthly notification that I have created a new 'tip-of-the-month'. I got
    a notice from ListBot that they are going out of business in August. Part of
    their message is shown below.

    Can you recommend someone else to manage an e-mail list?

    Larry Rebich


    You are receiving this because you are a registered user of Microsoft(R)
    bCentral(tm) ListBot. This message contains important information about your
    ListBot account.

    Dear ListBot User:

    We are sending this letter to inform you that effective Aug. 20, 2001, we
    are discontinuing the bCentral ListBot service. ListBot has become a very
    popular free service, and we've been pleased to offer this valuable tool to
    both consumers and business users. As a provider of services for small and
    medium-sized businesses, our main goal is the continual improvement of
    services to meet the growing needs of business users. To achieve this goal,
    we have launched the new List Builder service, an enhanced e-mail marketing
    tool that will take the place of ListBot.

    We value our relationship with you and hope that you will choose to continue
    using our services by purchasing a subscription to the List Builder service.
    We realize that List Builder may not fit the needs of all ListBot users, so
    to help ease any inconvenience this may cause, we have provided below a list
    of options and actions that you can take to ensure that you will have an
    e-mail marketing or e-mail community service to meet your needs after Aug.

    Special note: Our schedule for discontinuing the ListBot service is intended
    to give you 60 days to choose another service option and/or retrieve your
    e-mail list data. The ListBot service will be fully functional until Aug. 6,
    2001. From Aug. 6 to Aug. 20, you will have access to your data but the
    service will be disabled.


    OPTION 1--BCENTRAL LIST BUILDER. If you need a business e-mail marketing
    tool, we encourage you to move your ListBot announcement lists to the
    recently released bCentral List Builder. You can do this in a couple of easy
    steps, right from the ListBot control center. You can migrate your data to
    List Builder and use it for 30 days for free. After that, you will pay just
    $149 for your first year. To proceed with the migration or to find out more,

    List Builder was designed to meet the needs of businesses, large and small.
    It comes with a greatly improved control center and many enhanced features,
    including better subscriber database management, improved HTML e-mail
    capabilities, and more message-targeting options. With List Builder, you
    will have a complete view of your customers in one centralized marketing
    database. From this database you can execute e-mail marketing campaigns
    targeted according to your customers' interests and demographic information
    or other factors you choose.

    In addition, in the coming year we will release some great new List Builder
    features, including link tracking to help you understand the return on your
    e-mail marketing, e-mail personalization, and even more customization

    FOR YOU TO DO: If you choose to move to List Builder, go to and
    proceed with signup and migration. You can even try List Builder for free
    for your first month. After that you pay only $149 for the first year.

    OPTION 2--MSN COMMUNITIES. If your interests lie more in a free community
    e-mail service, we suggest you go to MSN (R) Communities at and
    create your new community.

    FOR YOU TO DO: Go to the MSN Communities site, , sign up
    and create your own community. From the MSN Communities control center you
    can send an invitation to your ListBot members to ask them to join your

    If you choose to use MSN communities and would like to keep your ListBot
    mailing list data, click on "View Members" in the ListBot control center to
    download your lists. Then click on "Download All" or "Download Demographics"
    to download your list subscribers. If you have problems with this process
    during peak times, please try again during off-peak hours.


    Whether you are migrating to our List Builder service or choosing another
    option, we realize that the e-mail lists you have developed through ListBot
    are extremely important to you, and we want to ensure that you can retrieve
    and save all your data for future use. To do this, just follow the
    step-by-step procedure below any time before Aug. 20, 2001.

    To download your lists, click on "View Members" in the ListBot control
    center. Then click on "Download All" or "Download Demographics" to download
    your list subscribers. If you have problems with this process during peak
    times, please try again during off-peak hours.

    To retrieve your archives, click on "View Archives" in the ListBot control
    center. From there you will be able to access your list archives and copy
    the messages you want to keep.



    => BETWEEN JUNE 20 AND AUG. 5, 2001 -- Time to choose your e-mail
    alternative, List Builder or MSN Communities? If you choose List Builder,
    this is the time to migrate your announcement lists and set up List Builder
    to meet your needs.

    If you don't choose to migrate to List Builder, before Aug. 6 please remove
    all ListBot signup boxes from your Web site, along with any mention of your
    ListBot e-mail alias. After this date, if people try to subscribe or send
    e-mail to your lists, they will receive a notice explaining that the ListBot
    service has been discontinued. In addition, please inform your subscribers
    that as of Aug. 6, your list will no longer be functional and that any
    messages sent to the list will bounce.

    =>AUG. 6, 2001 -- All ListBot e-mail and subscribe functionality will be
    disabled. You will not be able to send messages to or receive messages from
    your lists. New people will not be able to subscribe to your lists via
    e-mail or the Web.

    =>BETWEEN AUG. 6 AND AUG. 20, 2001 -- During these two weeks, you can still
    download your lists and copy and paste your message archives to a local
    place on your computer, but all other ListBot functionality will be

    =>AUG. 20, 2001 -- The ListBot service will be turned off completely. All
    ListBot servers will be shut down and all data will be unavailable. Please
    retrieve any information you need before this date, since it will be
    inaccessible from this date on.

    We realize that this is a lot of information and have established a set of
    FAQs at
    for answers to other questions you may have about ListBot. Additionally, if
    you have other questions or comments about ListBot, please don't hesitate to
    supply us with this feedback at -- we will use your
    suggestions to periodically update our FAQs.

    We will be sending out reminder messages to all ListBot users about this
    shutdown. However, we urge you to make a decision about List Builder or MSN
    Communities soon, to give you ample time to migrate your lists and become
    familiar with your new service.


    bCentral Member Services

    (c) 2001 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved. Microsoft, bCentral and MSN
    are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the
    United States and/or other countries.

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    Phil Weber Guest

    Re: ListBot Going Out of Business

    > Can you recommend someone else to manage an e-mail list?

    Phil Weber

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