Test Data Generator: generate high quality, high volume and realistic test
data automatically and quickly! Includes
- test data generator
- SQl builder
- grid data editor
- multipple database and sequential file support

TurboData is a test data generator for relational databases. The table and
column information is obtained from your database. Use the drag and drop
interface to create valid, realistic data with correct referential integrity.
Data is either loaded directly to your database, saved as a delimited text
file, or saved to file as Insert SQL statements in the correct syntax for
your database.

SQL Builder
Use TurboData’s SQL Builder to point and click on tables and columns to quickly
build and execute any SQL statement. The SQL can be saved to file, and executed
or edited any time.

Grid Data Editor
Use TurboData to view, create, update or delete data on a spreadsheet style
grid. A common interface for multiple DBMS platforms.

Direct connection to Database
TurboData connects to your database via ODBC or OLE DB connections. Supported
DBMS include:
Jet (Microsoft Access)
MS SQL Server
NonStop SQL

If you do not see your DBMS here, TurboData should still be able to access
it with an ODBC connection. However, the syntax of the generated SQL may
need to be tailored to suit your DBMS. Try it, and contact us if you have

Data Conversion
TurboData is not just a test data generator. Load ‘real’ data from text files,
spreadsheets, or even other databases to your target database.