There's a new tool, Double Text, which was released 7/22/01. Double Text
makes reusing code, with or without 'on the fly' changes, exceptionally
easy. The first review of this new program received a 5 star rating. Read

what Nick Smith has to say about Double Text at Here's an
excerpt from the program overview in the User Guide:

What Does It Do?

The fundamental purpose of Double Text is to make text both exceptionally

easy to re-use, and to make re-usable text customizable for each use. The

text being re-used could be programming code, parts of letters or emails,

legal paragraphs, project documentation, exam questions, medical
transcriptions, web development code; any text which is repeated either
verbatim or with 'on the fly' changes.

Any text which is used more than once can be set up in Double Text to be

ready for re-use at the click of a mouse. Double Text also makes a great

stand-alone text repository where code and text can be stored for later
use, or as a backup. Retrieving stored text from a Double Text file
couldn't be easier or more convenient.

Re-Use Protocol

In addition to making text exceptionally easy to re-use, Double Text
creates a standard protocol for the propagation and exchange of re-usable

text. Persons can pass Double Text files back and forth. Within companies,

Double Text files can be shared by all interested persons. Once a Double

Text file has been created, that file becomes a ready resource for anyone

with Double Text installed.

Where Is It Used?

Double Text works with any program which is compatible with the Windows™

clipboard. This includes just about every word processor, text editor,
programming language and web development environment which run under the

myriad of Windows™ operating systems.

Download a copy of Double Text from my web site and see for yourself just

how useful Double Text really is.

George Gilbert