ErrReport DLL 6.21 has been released! This new version adds a
much-requested SilentMode feature. SilentMode allows you to trap and log
all run-time errors without displaying a message box or interrupting the
user. This is great for unattended execution or server side applications.

Also included in this version is even more diagnostic information to help
you track down that hard to find error. Specifically, ProcListInfo will
list *all* running processes (including filename and version number)
currently in memory and EnvironmentInfo will list all environment variables
and their values.

Of course, ErrReport DLL includes all the features you have come to expect
from a commercial quality error handler/report, such as the procedure and
line number where the error occurred, a trace of called procedures, and all
the diagnostic information you can possibly think of. Text file logging
built-in. ErrReport DLL is designed for both desktop and enterprise

One best and most unique features of ErrReport DLL is that it can take an
screenshot of the entire desktop at the time of the run-time error. Never
again will you have to ask a user what they were doing because you will
already know.

ErrReport DLL is free! A demonstration program and complete documentation
are also provided.

You can download the latest version, 6.2.1, from the File Bank at