Announcing WebX Server Version 1.1.

WebX Server is an ActiveX® Web Server and is ideal for Visual Basic® developers.
No more having to work in VBScript without a real debugger just because you
want to be able to serve web pages.

WebX Server is a highly customizable ActiveX Web Server. Writing database
based web pages, dynamic web pages or adding web access to your application
has never been easier. Over 40 Properties, Methods and Events for complete

- Call functions inside your compiled application from HTML.
- FileRequest event traps requests to web server so you can send back response
from Visual Basic® code.
- Embedded and/or external HTML pages.
- CGI, Server Side Includes (SSI), Authentication.

Example applications include a Web Server, Streaming XML data from Access®
database, file uploads and downloads and more.

Also, check out our AccessSample which shows you how to use WebX Server in
an Access databse. Now you can server data directly from a MDB or MDE file.

Download the evaluation version at

Thank you,

Sales Department
Future Wave Tech, Inc.