The IC Code Librarian 2000 VB/VBA shareware add-in is now available for free
download and installation, in a self-extracting zip file, at It was developed by Gene Swartzfager, the author of
the definitive book on add-ins (Creating Visual Basic 5 Add-Ins, ISBN
1-57610-167-3, Coriolis Press).

The 50,000+ lines of royalty-free source code in the add-in's library are
yours to keep and do with as you please. The shareware add-in itself lets
you load the IC Code Librarian 2000 thirty times (plenty of time to play
with it and see its features in action) and then locks itself. If you like
the add-in and want to continue to use it, you can register/unlock it for
$10.00 (see the web site for details).

Try it, you'll like it!