October 5, 2001 - Developer Express is proud to announce the immediate
availability of its 100% native .NET components. Written from the ground
up - using C# - the XtraGrid and XtraEditors Library are fully optimized to
exploit the power and flexibility of Microsoft's .NET Framework.

As developers use Visual Studio .NET, it is important that they take full
advantage of the benefits of managed code. This can only be accomplished by
using controls that were constructed specifically for the Microsoft .NET
Framework. By building upon our extensive experience in writing controls for
a number of different development environments, Developer Express controls
for Microsoft .NET enjoy the same comprehensiveness and flexibility as
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET itself. No more worries about how well a
particular piece of control and component technology supports a particular
environment. With native controls, all languages capable of supporting
Microsoft .NET are created equal.

The XtraGrid and XtraEditors Library are ALL about the .NET Framework and
were engineered to take full advantage of .NET and Microsoft's vision for
the future. At the heart of the XtraGrid and XtraEditors Library lies a
simple premise - improve and enhance developer productivity. With a massive
collection of advanced features, developers only need to specify simple
property settings or write one line method calls to build cutting edge
interfaces! Whether you use the products in bound or unbound mode, you can
blow away your competition without hassles or aggravation.

Brief Feature List

- Full ADO+ Support: The XtraGrid takes the full advantage of ADO+. Using
this new data access architecture and the separation of internal data
modules from data presentation, the XtraGrid does not use any extra buffers
in any of its modes. Even when grouping columns, the XtraGrid will use
minimum memory and perform the operation as fast as the data source can
obtain data.

- Advanced Unbound Mode Support: The XtraGrid works with any source which
supports an IList or ITypedList interface plus all inherited interfaces.

- Automatic Data Grouping: Allow your users to group data stored in the
XtraGrid against an unlimited number of columns, giving them an
unprecedented ability to analyze and edit information!

- Automatic Column Sorting: With the XtraGrid, you can sort against an
unlimited number of columns, without writing a single line of code!

- Automatic Data Filtering: Via its Excel(r) Style Filtering feature, you
can filter data based upon the contents of a column - ANY COLUMN! The filter
expression is even displayed at the bottom of the grid control, keeping your
users informed on exactly what they are looking at. You can even create your
own custom filter dialog to adapt the filtering feature to meet the needs of
your end-users.

- True Master-Detail Support: The XtraGrid allows you to establish and
present master-detail information in either bound or unbound mode! You can
even use the drill down mode to zoom into each detail level, allowing for
easy manipulation of even the most complicated sets of relationships!

- Advanced Design-Time Support: The XtraGrid provides advanced design time
editors that allow you to control virtually every aspect of the XtraGrid
without having to write a single line of code! Instead of writing code to
manage appearance, you can concentrate instead on writing code to handle the
really "interesting" tasks that we all know and love. Using the Advanced
design time support you can manage such advanced features as levels, styles,
columns, and summaries.

- Full Data Summaries: Summaries allow you to present statistical
information such as MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM, and COUNT directly in the grid
itself without having to resort to the age-old ugly work around of using an
individual edit control. You can even allow your users to slice and dice
their data with group header and footer summaries. Why write that extra
report when you can display all the necessary information directly in the
grid itself. Even more exciting: You can add your own summary classes for
those more "esoteric" functions. Standard deviation and all sorts of other
statistical formula are now within reach!

- View Based Architecture: Every level in the XtraGrid can be represented by
a different view. The XtraGrid comes with a standard row and column view as
well as a CardView similar to that found in Microsoft Outlook(r). Views can
even be changed on the fly.

- Editor Repository: You can setup a single in-place editor, for instance a
pick image edit as an editor for a payment type field, and use it for as
many grids as you wish. When you use the repository and you have to add a
different credit card payment type, you need only change one in-place

- Intelligent Column Resizing: With the AutoWidth and BestFit options, your
end-users can manage and control column widths as their needs dictate.

- Runtime Column Customization: With the XtraGrid, your end-user can control
the appearance of the grid as they wish by adding and removing columns using
simple drag and drop.

- Preview Pane: With the preview pane, you can let your users view large
text or memo fields directly in the Grid without the need to open an
external editor or drop-down window.

- New Item Row: Using the New-Item row, you can provide a consistent place
where users can add information to the grid. All of your customers who have
a need for rapid data-entry will be in heaven.

- View Styles: Styles let you control the look and feel of the grid in one
central and easy to use place. You can even apply them conditionally to
reflect certain states such as errors. The XtraGrid ships with an easy to
use Style editor complete with 30 predefined styles!

- Built-in Menus: Grid control menus let you put the power and flexibility
of the XtraGrid at your user's finger tips by using a set of standard popup
menus that you can enable and disable at will. With these popup menus, your
users can invoke column customization, sorting, grouping, and even create

- 15 Data Editors, which can be used standalone or within the Grid/CardView.

- Multiple Detail Views for Each Level: You can incorporate as many details
views for each level as you require. If more then one view is available at a
level, users can select the desired view via a selectable tool tip.


When other component vendors were merely offering platitudes about .NET,
Developer Express was aggressively pursuing it...We were the first vendor to
offer advanced .NET controls to the community and the XtraGrid and
XtraEditors Library are the culmination of our efforts since Beta 1 of VS
..NET. Engineered top-to-bottom, these products were built to remove
limitations and enable your creativity. With their highly flexible class
structure, your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with the
controls in the product suite.


Developer Express is proud to make available the full C# source code for the
XtraGrid Suite. With source in hand, you can dictate your own destiny - make
alterations as you see fit...

You be the judge...Review our product and decide for yourself. If you plan
on using Visual Studio .NET, we think the XtraGrid & XtraEditors Library
should be part of your development arsenal.

Total Control, Flexibility and Power
The Only No Limits Grid, CardView, and Editors Library Available for .NET

Pricing & Availability

The XtraGrid Suite (which includes the XtraEditors Library) is available for
$399.99 with full source code and $299.99 without full source. Complete
product details are available on our website at:

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