Seattle, WA - 03/13/2002 - In a announcement made in November 2001,
it was noted that Agendum Software was being forced out of business by a
majority vote of the partners due to legal issues with the residing CEO.
Those matters have been concluded and the four remaining partners (the
programmers who created almost all of products that Agendum Software sold,
and who own the actual copyrights on those products) have created a new
partnership under the name of Dev4Dev. Most of the products that Agendum
Software was selling will now be sold under the name of Dev4Dev. This
includes such products as AgFastform, AgTransform, AgProjectBrowser,
AgGridX, AgPanelMeter, etc. These products will be released as soon as
possible, but under slightly different product names. The programmers at
Dev4Dev will continue to produce the quality software products that loyal
customers have come to know. We will continue to develop for the VB6
platform, but are actively working on new products for the .net platform
as well.

Dev4Dev is a software development company dedicated to providing high
quality programming tools and components for programmers, and applications
for end-users. We also consider support a number one priority, so you can
be well-assured that you will not only be purchasing quality products, but
in the event support is necessary, you will receive it in a timely manner.