Active XL Report is a simple, yet powerful ActiveX report component
generating reports in Microsoft Excel. This component is designed in
order to work with all standard data access technologies used in
Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Visual C++, Word, Excel,
and so on.

Simple templates of free design will present you with a pleasure side of
reporting while your customers will receive an interactive data analysis
system and not just a report.

We long worked with many customers using only Excel as a reporting tool.
That's why we do offer and will offer the solutions whose effectiveness
was learned at first hand.

Some of Active XL Report features:

- Free design, all Excel features right in a template:
any formatting; sort, group, and total; autofilter and outline view...
- Compatible with all European localizations of Excel;
- Works with DAO, ADO, RDO, plus unbound data;
- Master-detail, composite and multiple-sheet reports;
- Integration with Excel macros;
- Pivot tables - the best tool for interactive data analysis;
- Very fast data transfer - xlTable (Fast Table Format);
- Thorough Demo and documentation.

Excel version supported: Excel 97, 2000, 2002.

For more information, please visit our site at:

You can download Active XL Report 4.1 free trial version (1.73 MB) at:

ZIP includes:
- OCX;
- Demos:
- for Microsoft Access (DAO);
- for Microsoft Visual Basic (ADO);
- Developer's Guide (PDF format);
- Programmer's Reference (PDF format).

With best wishes,
Afalina Co., Ltd