** Dec 3 2002 - Atozed Software announces the release of FinalBuilder 1.5 **

** This release is a Free update for existing FinalBuilder 1.x users. **

What is FinalBuilder?

FinalBuilder is a tool designed to enable developers to automate their
software build process in a reliable and repeatable manner. Finalbuilder
enables you to automate almost all the steps in generating the deliverables
of your software projects. Instead of grappling with batch files, command
line compilers etc, FinalBuilder provides a familier and intuitive user
interface to make it easy to define a build process.

Built in actions for Delphi3-7, C++Builder5 & 6, VB6, VC++6, Visual
Studio.NET & Java make dealing with the command line compilers as easy as
using your IDE. Finalbuilder also includes built in support for automating
help compilers such as WinHelp, HTML Help, Help & Manual, Doc-O-Matic,
installation packages such as Wise, Installshield, InnoSetup & GP Install,
Version control such as Source Safe, Perforce & CVS, plus many other third
party packages. FinalBuilder also includes built in Active Scripting

A fully functional 30 day Trial version is available for download from our

What's New/Changed in FinalBuilder 1.5

New! - Scheduling Wizard
+ Scheduling Builds can now be be done from FinalBuilder. See the
Tools\Scheduled Builds menu.

New! - CVS Actions
+ These actions provide the ability to automate the CVS version control
system as part of your builds.

New! - InstallShield Developer Action
+ Support for InstallShield Developer 7.x & 8.x

New! - FinalBuilder Plugin API Help File
+ The FinalBuilder Plugin API now has a help file which documents most of
the classes and interfaces. Note that the api requires Delphi 6 Pro or Ent
update 2 to use. The plugin api allows developers to create custom actions,
wizards etc.

New! - Example Builds
+ Example builds are installed with FinalBuilder in the
FinalBuilder\Examples directory. Examples for CVS, Delphi, & VS.NET are
installed. Even if you do not use all of these products it is worth looking
at them as they demonstrate many different aspects of creating builds with

Wise Installer Action
+ Added Support for Wise Installer 9.x

Wise for Windows Installer Action
+ Added Support for Wise for Windows Installer 4.2
+ Wise for Windows Installer action now logs the compiler output.

New! - High colour toolbar icons
+ Nice new icons thanks to glyfz.com

Visual Source Safe - Get Latest Version/Check In/Check Out Actions
- RespectCloakedProjects property sometimes caused siblings of cloaked
projects to be skipped.

- Variable expansion did not wok correctly on the FileSpec property of Get
Latest Version and Check In.

+ It is now possible to specify a date string in the Label field. If a date
and time is specified, then source safe will get the versions of the
speicified files with that exact date & time, if there is no version with
that date & time then the file will not be retrieved. If you specify just a
date, then source safe will get the latest versions of the specified files
as at the specified date.

Read/Write Ini File Actions
+ New Property - ValueType. This property allows you to specify how a value
is read from or written to an ini file. The possible values are String,
Boolean and Integer. Previously the values were always treated as strings,
and this could cause problems if you read a value into a variable and then
used that variable in a comparison in the condition property or in any

Borland C++ Builder 5 & 6 Action
+ New option, "Capture Make Output" added. This option is there to allow a
workaround of an issue when compiling static lib projects. See Known
Problems for more info.

+ New Options, "Use BCB BPL Path" & "Use BCB BPI Path" to use the default
settings from the BCB Environment options.

- Detection of the Use Packages option changed to work with project files
that were migrated from older versions of BCB.

Help & Manual 3 Action
+ Added support for the new Variables file Option in Help & Manual 3.2

Action Inspector
+ The Speed of the Action Inspector has been improved. This is most
noticable with actions that expose a lot of properties (for example the
Delphi & VB Compiler actions)

+ All actions now have an OnStatusMessage script event.

For more information on what an Automated build process can do for you,
check out this article on our website :



Vincent Parrett
Atozed Software
Automate your Build Process with FinalBuilder