NEW!--VB.NET Migration Summit
Moving from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET
(Brought to you by Microsoft® and DevelopMentor)

Join your peers for this one-day seminar teaching how to build Windows applications
and component library DLLs using VB .NET

The seminar, presented by Ted Pattison and Jason Masterman from DevelopMentor,
is designed for programmers who already have experience with VB 6. We will
show you how to get from VB 6 to VB.NET by explaining the architecture of
the .NET Framework and the CLR as well as to introduce important new object-oriented
programming concepts that are critical to learning how to use VB.NET. These
concepts include parameterized constructors, method overloading, inheritance,
overridable methods, delegates and structured exception handling.

The seminar will show you how to migrate existing VB 6 applications over
to VB.NET and how to use some of the new framework class libraries such as
the Windows Forms framework and ADO.NET.

Dates and Locations:
* Mountain View, CA--Dec. 10
* Reston, VA--Dec. 16
* Los Angeles, CA--Dec. 19
More cities coming soon!

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