Provides Quick, Easy Conversion of Visual Basic Projects to REALbasic, Speeds
Cross-Platform Application Development

AUSTIN, Texas — REAL Software, Inc. announced today that VB Converter, a
new utility that converts Visual Basic® (VB) projects into REALbasic, will
be included with the company’s upcoming release of REALbasic 5 for Windows.
REALbasic 5 for Windows is a recently announced product from REAL Software
that will enable developers to create applications once and compile them
for either Windows or Macintosh.

The inclusion of VB Converter with REALbasic 5 for Windows enables VB programmers
to efficiently port their VB code to REALbasic. The VB Converter automatically
converts VB forms, projects and code into REALbasic-compatible code, while
commenting the changes and flagging any code that may not be converted.

“By including VB Converter with REALbasic 5 for Windows, we increase the
capabilities and reach of Visual Basic programmers,” said Geoff Perlman,
president and CEO of REAL Software. “They can effortlessly convert their
VB applications to REALbasic’s easy-to-use yet powerful development environment,
then compile them for Windows and Macintosh.”

REALbasic 5 for Windows, along with VB Converter, is scheduled to ship next
month. VB Converter will also be included in the next release of REALbasic
for Macintosh. Visual Basic developers are invited to beta-test the product
in advance of its release. The software can be downloaded directly from the
company’s website at

About REAL Software

For everyone who seeks the flexibility to create their own software, REAL
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