25th March 2003 - Html TextBox V2.0 released

ActiveUp are pleased to announce that Html TextBox V2.0 has been released.
Html TextBox V2.0 allows you to edit formatted text in a visual environment
in exactly the same way as with word processing software using Internet Explorer
5.5+. Html TextBox ASP.NET web control is an online web based WYSIWYG HTML
editor that allows you to enable the users of your web or intranet site to
provide documents in rich text format without needing to know the HTML language.

New Features include (but not limited to):

- True Visual Studio .NET integration
- Advanced table editing (add/remove columns and rows)
- Table previewing
- Document viewer option
- Better code cleaner tool
- New link tool
- New fully featured image library tool with image previewing and upload
- Return key behavior customization (BR or P)
- 100% XHTML compliant
- Max length support
- AND MORE .....



For a limited time only ActiveUp are pleased to announce that there is 25%
off all new V2.0 purchases and 50% off all additional agreements (either
support or service).

This offer is only valid until April 21st .......Can you afford to miss out?


1 Developer/1 Server - $149.00 -> only $111,75 with the offer
4 Developer/4 Server - $299.00 -> only $224,25 with the offer
Site License - $899.00 -> only $674,25 with the offer
Source Code - $1500.00 -> only $1125 with the offer
Annual Support Agreement - $250 -> only $125 with the offer
Annual Subscription Service - $149 -> only $74,5 with the offer

Licensing :
One software license is required per developer/per server
Run-time royalty free!