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Thread: Visual Studio .Net 2002 Enterprise Architect Edition

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    George Shubin Guest

    Visual Studio .Net 2002 Enterprise Architect Edition

    We have one (only) extra copy of VS .Net Enterprise Architect, unopened,
    factory-sealed, that we don't need. Our loss, your gain.

    We'd like to sell this copy and recoup some of our cost. This is
    Microsoft's top of the line, premier programming environment, and they place
    a suggested list price on it of $2499. The best price on is
    $1130. We'd like to get $1100.

    So, if you'd like a great programming tool at a great price (and you can
    upgrade to VS 2003 for $29 when it comes out next month), give us a holler.

    Info on Visual Studio features can be found at

    George Shubin Custom Software Development
    dX Software Systems Database Applications
    Ph: 503-981-6806 Fax: 503-982-0120

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    Larry Rebich Guest

    Re: Visual Studio .Net 2002 Enterprise Architect Edition

    You could try selling it on eBay. There are listings for under $1000, and some for $600. Link is:

    Larry Rebich

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