Apoc XSL-FO by Chive Software is the first commercially available XSL-FO document
renderer for the Microsoft .NET platform. Apoc XSL-FO is a .NET component,
written in 100% managed code, that renders XSL-FO XML documents directly
to PDF. Based on the excellent Apache FOP project, Apoc will add standards-based
PDF production to any .NET project.


What is XSL-FO?
Extensible Stylesheet Language - Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) is defined as
part of the World Wide Web consortium's (W3C) specification for XSL. The
XSL specification also defines a language for transforming XML documents
called XSLT. This article will deal solely with the XSL-FO aspect of the
XSL specification.

XSL-FO is an XML markup language for describing the layout, pagination and
styling of a document. The specification is extensive, providing an array
of Formatting Objects and Properties that permit a document designer to describe
a document's visual characteristics down to the finest detail.

Creating an XSL-FO document by hand would be extremely time consuming simply
because the specification is so verbose. Therefore, the production of an
XSL-FO document is normally handled by applying a XSLT stylesheet to an XML

The XSLT stylesheet matches certain element and/or attributes within an XML
document producing a series of XSL-FO elements.

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