ActiveRTF will convert your HTML documents into a RTF document. Using ActiveRTF
will enable any developer to convert an HTML document into an RTF document
in just 2 lines of code. RTF is one of the most common document formats in
the world, therefore broadening your customer acceptance. Itís easy to create
customizable HTML templates using merge fields, and then convert the resulting
document to its RTF version for later delivery. Producing easily editable
invoices or any other documents on any computer has never been easier! RTF
format is fully supported by 100% of the Windows based operating systems
and widely used on the alternatives. The following HTML tags are actually
supported : - convert tables - hyperlinks support - font face, color and
size support - page alignment support - bold, italic and underline text -
special characters -automatic coding select.

Prices from $99
30 day trial available