Hi All

Buy FinalBuilder 1 on or after September 22nd (ie today) and get a free
upgrade to FinalBuilder 2 when it is released (Q4 this year). This will also
get you access to the FinalBuilder 2 Beta program.

FinalBuilder is a powerful build tool designed to make builds painless and
easy for developers. Define reliable and repeatable build processes, without
resorting to batch files and learning the command line tools for all the
third party products you use.

FinalBuilder provides direct support for Delphi 3-7, C++ Builder 5-6,
VS.NET,VB6, VC++6, Java Compilers(Sun/IBM/Borland), TestComplete, AQTest,
Installsheild, Wise, Innosetup, Visual Source Safe 6, CVS,
TeamCoherence,Help & Manual, Doc-O-Matic and many more third party tools
that are typically used to build your software projects.

It also includes an SMTP Email action, and scriptable FTP and Telenet
Clients, plus file managment actions and built in active scripting.

For more Info, please visit our website
http://www.atozedsoftware.com/finalbuilder/ where you can download a fully
functional 30 day trial version.


Vincent Parrett
Atozed Software http://www.atozedsoftware.com
Automate your Build Process with FinalBuilder