18.9.2003 Prague, Czech Republic
PureComponents has announced today the release of the Navigator product and
the launch of the special promo action with introductory price offer for
Navigator component.

About Navigator
PureComponents Navigator brings robust application navigation to your .NET

Navigator is a new and completely unique type of component. In principle, it
is based on the now familiar Outlook bar that has become the de-facto
standard for user interface functionality. Navigator has extended this
concept by integrating several sophisticated functions, including: An
extensive WYSIWYG designer that allows you to create a fully functional
model of the application navigator within minutes; Configurable colors and
styles that allow you to modify Navigator to a consistent, yet customized
look-and-feel; and much more.

Features include:
# Sophisticated functions for the node position change: MoveUp,
MoveDown, MoveLeft and MoveRight
# Navigator structure creation from the text stored in the clipboard
# Creation and finding of nodes using functions AddNodeByPath and
# WYSIWYG designer with full support of drag&drop, clipboard and
# Groups and Nodes are individual entities within Navigator, you can set
their properties directly in the Properties Window
# Using drag&drop to arrange nodes within the Navigator changing the
order and indent level of nodes
# Colors and styles that are possible to use within single group, node,
at the node's substructure or even at the whole Navigator
# You can use Color Schemes from the predefined fine-tuned set of

# No steep learning curve - You can start using Navigator straight away
because its object and event model is intuitive and easy to use.
# Navigator makes UI of your application much more simple and easier to
# With help of sophisticated functions and WYSIWYG designer,
implementing Navigator into your apps is a snap.

About PureComponents
PureComponents create high quality .NET components with an emphasis on ease
of use. Attractive user interface components include sophisticated
functions, modern and extensive object models and event models.
PureComponents fully understand that the quality of the application is
influenced by the components it is built on, therefore you will only find
quality components in our product line.

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130 00 Prague
Czech Republic