With a little help, I came up with this idea to keep a list of "Once
visible to user then programatically hidden" windows and "currently
visible to user" windows.. each set will be in a listbox and double
clicking one or the other swaps it along with it's visibility. The way
I'm attempting to implement this is to use EnumWindows to get all of the
windows and then in the use the EnumWindowsProc to distinguish between
them. I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to get only the
visible windows. If I use:
If IsVisibleWindow then.. I can enumerate and fill one list with
only the visible windows.. If I use If IsVisibleWindow = False then.. It
fills with EVERYTHING.. all the hidden system windows, while this is a
cool concempt and is quite fun to see all the hidden windows, it doesn't
suit my purpose. Someone suggested reading all the visible windows into
an array and redimensioning the array each time a window is added or
removed, but I'd rather write the code and let my EnumWindowsProc take
care of it.. Can someone shed some light on this for me or give me some
more info? I've read all the Examples on VbNet and Karl Peterson's
sight.. still no help.. anyone?