A little background. I've created an application using Java LiveConnect technology
that receives an request (like an parts request) from a html page (using
javascript) and sends the data to a backend database. The database finds
all of the information about the part and sends it back to the javascript
in the html page through the java applett. The program works just fine so
I have no problems there. To make it short, when I send a request the argument
looks like the following:

mom.send("<EXEC><PART>" + partnum + "</PART><LOCATION>" + loc + "</LOCATION><AVAIL>"
+ instock + "</AVAIL></EXEC>");

Note that my string I pass is an XML string. The data I receive back from
the backend through the Java session it will look the same but all of the
variable fields will be filled with data. Finally my question.

When would be the proper time to parse this XML string?

I could parse it using Java at the applett before I actually send it back
to the javascript. Then instead of sending one large XML string to the html
page, I could send back the XML arguments one at a time as I parse them.
The second option would be to send the entire XML string to the Javascript
embedded in the html and let the Javascript parse it. I would probably have
to just use string functions to parse it at this level. The end result is
I need to update fields that fill my html page by parsing the XML string
at the Java level or Javascript level. Has anyone had to populate a html
page using an XML string? The XML string may contain as much as 100+ arguments
when passed back and forth if this makes a difference. Just asking for opinions
here from anyone who may have done this and ran into any problems either

J. Crew