I use the following code to create polygons in a picture object,

hBrush = CreateSolidBrush(CheckSysColor(m_FillColor))
oldBrush = SelectObject(m_hDC, hBrush)
Call BeginPath(m_hDC)
Call Polyline(m_hDC, PolyPts(0), UBound(PolyPts) + 1)
Call EndPath(m_hDC)

If m_Filled And m_Outlined Then
Call StrokeAndFillPath(m_hDC)
ElseIf m_Filled Then
Call FillPath(m_hDC)
ElseIf m_Outlined Then
Call StrokePath(m_hDC)
End If

Call SelectObject(m_hDC, oldBrush)
Call DeleteObject(hBrush)

Where polypts() is a pointAPI type array containing coordinates to draw the
But when I scale the picture using picture1.scale (x1,y1) - (x2,y2)
and try to draw the polygon to the window scale, the resultant polygon isn't
drawn to
the correct scale.

I've tried the .scaleX .scaleY methods but they don't seem to work either:

With Picture1
PolyPts(0).X = .ScaleX(x3, .ScaleMode, vbTwips)
End with

Any suggestions?