I'm having trouble sending binary data to an object on a web page.
I use an xml element on the page to load binary data from another page.
Then I assign the data to the object.

On the page that's sending the data, I create an xml document and save it
to the Response object (this is ASP).

on the node that contains the data, I set the dataType to "bin.hex".
Then I assign the binary data to the node's nodeTypedValue property.

The naming scheme has been set like this:
oRoot.setAttribute "xmlns:dt", "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:datatypes"

The data is written as a stream of hexadecimal characters. But when I receive
the data, there seems to be some missing (the length of the data is less
than it should be). I cannot find out where the data gets corrupted and
why. Has anyone any idea what's going on?