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Here tutorials which may be of use.

XML programming in Java
In this tutorial, XML Evangelist Doug Tidwell shows you how to use an XML
parser and other tools to create, process, and manipulate XML documents.
(contains sample code),p=xmltut5

msdn XML Tutorials
This tutorial consists of a set of interactive lessons that walk you
through typical Extensible Markup Language (XML) authoring and development

Introduction to XML messaging
Hands-on introduction to the basic building blocks for applications that
communicate two ways using Web protocols.,p=xmltut2

Transforming XML documents
Follow XML Evangelist Doug Tidwell in this three-part tutorial as he shows
you how to transform XML documents into various formats, including HTML,
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and PDF. (contains sample code),p=xmltut3

Thinking XML #2: XML meets semantics
Thinking XML addresses knowledge management aspects of XML, including metadata,
semantics, Resource Description Framework (RDF), Topic Maps, and autonomous

XML messaging with SOAP
The previous tutorial in this series showed how to use custom XML messages
for component communication.,p=xmltut4