Please Help.

This code below get the IHTML Documet Interface from a hwnd. The code works
just the way i want on Windows 2000. Is there a way to do the same in
Windows 98?.



Option Explicit
Function IEDOMFromhWnd(ByVal hwnd As Long) As HTMLDocument
Dim hWndChild As Long
Dim lRes As Long
Dim lMsg As Long
Dim hr As Long
MsgBox "Inne i IEDOMFromhWnd"
If hwnd <> 0 Then
If Not IsIEServerWindow(hwnd) Then
' Get 1st child IE server window
EnumChildWindows hwnd, AddressOf EnumChildProc, hwnd
End If
If hwnd <> 0 Then
' Register the message
MsgBox "Før RegisterWindowMessage(WM_HTML_GETOBJECT)"
lMsg = RegisterWindowMessage("WM_HTML_GETOBJECT")
MsgBox "etter RegisterWindowMessage(WM_HTML_GETOBJECT)"
' Get the object
Call SendMessageTimeout(hwnd, lMsg, 0, 0, SMTO_ABORTIFHUNG, 1000,
If lRes Then
' Initialize the interface ID
MsgBox "før With IID_IHTMLDocument" & lRes
With IID_IHTMLDocument
.Data1 = &H626FC520
.Data2 = &HA41E
.Data3 = &H11CF
.Data4(0) = &HA7
.Data4(1) = &H31
.Data4(2) = &H0
.Data4(3) = &HA0
.Data4(4) = &HC9
.Data4(5) = &H8
.Data4(6) = &H26
.Data4(7) = &H37
End With
' Get the object from lRes
MsgBox "før ObjectFromLresult"
hr = ObjectFromLresult(lRes, IID_IHTMLDocument, 0,

End If
End If
End If
End Function
Function EnumChildProc(ByVal hwnd As Long, lParam As Long) As Long
If IsIEServerWindow(hwnd) Then
lParam = hwnd
EnumChildProc = 1
End If
End Function
Function IsIEServerWindow(ByVal hwnd As Long) As Boolean
Dim lRes As Long
Dim sClassName As String
' Initialize the buffer
sClassName = String$(100, 0)
' Get the window class name
lRes = GetClassName(hwnd, sClassName, Len(sClassName))
sClassName = Left$(sClassName, lRes)
IsIEServerWindow = StrComp(sClassName, "Internet Explorer_Server",
vbTextCompare) = 0
End Function
Public Function GetTextFromIES(ByVal hwnd As Long)
Dim oDoc As HTMLDocument
Dim sHTML As String
Dim ret As Long
'ret = SendMessage(hwnd, WM_USER + 18, 0&, 0&)
Set oDoc = IEDOMFromhWnd(hwnd)
DoEvents ' hmm do i need this
' Get the page HTML
sHTML = oDoc.Body.innerText
m_SearchStr = sHTML
End Function