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Thread: Displaying Details in Win Explorer

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    Displaying Details in Win Explorer

    [Originally posted by Tom Wikman]

    Does anyone know how to just display the details view in Win 2000 when in Windows Explorer? It drives me nuts everytime I open a folder to see the files in Icon view! Also, is there a way to stop Windows Explorer from displaying the preview panel everytime I open a directory?

    I just waste an incredible amount of time going into the view panel and select Details. I just want to open a directory and not see some Macintosh nonsense...

    The ideal would be for a directory to be displayed in details view without the preview panel that now comes with Win 2000. I've looked all over the place for settings to change but with no luck. Any clues?

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    Re:Displaying Details in Win Explorer

    [Originally posted by Andrea Batina]

    First go to any folder and set its view mode to Details. Then go to Tools\Folder Options... menu.

    In General tab check Use Windows Classic folders.
    In View tab click on the Like Current Folder button.
    Then close Windows Explorer and start it again. It should work fine.

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