Hi Guru,
I have an order entry application retrieving data from sql2000 using templates
with xsl and stored procs. The data Im presenting needs to be grouped by
category. What I would like to do is place each category into div tags and
display on request( There are only 4 categories). Im thinking that I need
to be able to perform some sort of loop with comparisons on category cd.
But Im new to xslt an dont know how.

This is an example of the data:

<item ss05_item_no="OS01" ss05_item_desc="Binder, 3 ring, vinyl, 2&quot;,
Black" ss05_unit_of_measure="E/1" ss05_cat_cd="1"/>

<item ss05_item_no="OS02" ss05_item_desc="Binder, 3 ring, vinyl, 3&quot;,
Black" ss05_unit_of_measure="E/1" ss05_cat_cd="1"/>

<item ss05_item_no="OS03" ss05_item_desc="Binder Clips, 1 1/4&quot;" ss05_unit_of_measure="X/12"

<item ss05_item_no="OS04" ss05_item_desc="Glue Stick" ss05_unit_of_measure="E/1"

I know, it's ugly data.... In a real scenario the ss05_cat_cd value varies
from 1 - 4.

I would like to group like categories into div tags which show and hide data.

Thanks in advance,
Ralph Carrasquillo