Now that I know the exact term ( i read,
I made some search about paging. They all talk about paging with XSLT on
the client side. What about the server side? I guess that will be a lot of
charge for the server if it deals with the transformation, but my xml files
shouldn’t be too big.

He do have hundreds of users that will use my web app, so we can't ask them
to install MSXSL3 for each machine, unregister the old DLL, register the
new one (as described in

What do you think about this? Can it also be well done on server side?

By the way, I’ve read a doc about a code-signed package that allows you to
install MSXML3 to people's machines through their web browser but the users
will still have to remove the side-by-side mode (which means that installing
the MSXML 3.0 parser will not cause any previously installed version of the
parser to be replaced). Does someone know something about automating this
step and avoid users to manually replace the older parser with the newer
one. (With xmlinst.exe installer tool I guess or is there other better tools?)

Elise, XML learning girl :-)