Dear Jim

Is there a site where i could get some samples of how Visio is used in VB...

Also could you let me know a few site which are would help in updating the
know how in field of VB programming, in terms of tuts or articles..


"Jim Deutch" <> wrote:
>The standard format for such things is AutoCAD's dxf.
>You can write your own dxf files (get the file specs from

>you can use various 3rd-party tools. Visio is a CAD package that includes
>VBA, so it might be good choice for what you need.
>Jim Deutch
>PS U can contact me right here on the newsgroups, OK?
>manin wrote in message <38e049e5$>...
>>I am interested in generating two dimensional Engg Drawings of Mechanical
>>components to Scale using Visual Basic. Could anyone help me in this

>>U can contact me at
>> or or
>>Thanx in advance