I wrote a while back asking about an appication error.
the error was something like:
the instruction at 0x... references memory at
0x... the instruction could not be 'written'.

I get this error sometimes, other times the system freezes,
and other times it works fine. I still don't know why.

VB handles memory management and I am not using API calls, so theoretically

everything should work (I don't really know much about how VB
handles memory).

Is it possible that the problem is that I have very large arrays
that periodically need to be redimensioned. Some of my arrays
are in user defined types, others are in classes and std_modules.
Array sizes can be greater than 100,000. Some can be nested within
other arrays or arrays of UDTs.

Redimensioning can cause arrays to be copied and written elsewhere
(true?). If I have complicated data structures, is it possible
that some error occurs such that VBs pointers no longer point
to the correct position in memory? Does VB have a garbage collector?
If not, is it possible that given the size of my arrays, the
system freezes after a number of hours running and fragmenting
heap memory?