I am using a Data Environment to bind my controls to. After I add a record
I need to requery the recordset because it will not let me make changes to
the record. After I requery all controls bound to the recordset they lose
thier binding and no longer work. Microsoft says this is by design. The work
around is to rebind the controls manually after a requery. I have two recordsets
associated with controls that I need to run requery on.
After I requery the first recordset and then requery the second recordset,
the second one rebinds fine but the first won't rebind. I switched the order
I rebind them and the same thing happens. Which ever requery is run second
- that one works and the first one doesn't.

I am rebinding them as follows:
txtbox1.DataSource = de1

txtbox2.DataSource = de1

txtbox1 is bound to rs1 and txtbox2 is bound to rs2.

How can I get all my controls to bind?

HELP Please!

Stephen Proulx