Can anyone solve this one?

I have written an application ("App A") that creates an instance of "App
B" with CreateObject("appb"). Then i call the method ".ShowProperties", and
that method shows a Form in "App B" that contains (you problably already
guessed that), properties of "App B".

My problem is that i do want to show that property-form modal in "App A"
so that it seems to the user that "App A" and "App B" where one single application.

I realy have to do it this way and can´t make "App B" an activex-control
or dll.

I have the understanding this trick would invalve problably som seriues API-calling
to fool windows and "App A" that "App B":s window belongs to "App A" and
infact is modal over it.

I could of cource make "App B":s form systemmodal but i think this is to
annoying for the user so i realy would like to solve this one "clean".

Anyone have a solution to this? Any help would be nice...