I'm developing an metadata information architecture for "record management
system" running on SQL database. Records (documents) are stored in commercial
database (www.ringtailsolutions.com) using fixed data model, which is however
ok, since allows extensions using generalized approach (extra table contains
columuns for: label , value, datatype).

We have committed to use XML for data transfer from "data collecting devices/
service providers) to database. In the first phase we are using DTD for schema
but as soon as tools are mature enough will move to using W3C Shcema (strong
datatype validation etc.)

Metada records are not going to be created by hand, probably as export from
service provider's own database or using easy to use GUI tool capturing data
eventually in XML. So, it's a kind of machine to machine communication transactions.

Finally the question, does anybody has recommendations for DTD/schema design
considering creating "a SQL database friendly and maintainable metadata model"
? <item> element is used to provide a extendable
container for arbitrary needs.

Current approach has been using a unified method stroring data. All the data
is stored in attributes. Elements used as logical containers.

Thanks, Heimo Hanninen

Following is a fictional snippet based on the current DTD:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE meta SYSTEM "nested-model.dtd">
<IDcode value="abce0002"/>
<parentID value="series-0001"/>
<relevancy value="yes"/>
<status value="active"/>
<area value="headquarter"/>
<location value="credenza"/>
<fileName value="back up tape, all users June 23 2001"/>
<person title="Mr." givenName="Peter" initials="G" surname="Pan" position="It
support guy" email="peter@Xcompany.ca" postalCity="City" streetAddress="223
Queen Street"/>
<type other="backup tape"/>
<physicalMedia value="tape"/>
<description value="30 GB of user's back up files"/>
<classification value="protected.A"/>
<disclosure value="confidential"/>
<item label="trueCopy" type="boolean" value="no"/>
<item label="work-note" value="this will take 200 man hours to examine"
<locationInfo value="room2/cabin-C34/shelf4/tape-abce0002"/>