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Another upgrade announcement from XML Startkabel (http://xml.startkabel.nl/).
We are growing quickly these days.

Just like every useful sites, we do have sponsors:

X-Hive Corporation (http://www.x-hive.com)
X-Hive Corporation is a leading innovator in XML database technology. Their
X-Hive/DB is a native XML database designed for large volume XML data environments.
An unmatched combination of features sets X-Hive/DB apart from alternative
data storage methods and makes it the ideal foundation for developing and
implementing XML-based applications.

Salience (http://www.salience.nl/)
Salience is a Dutch based XML company. They analyze, design and implement
total XML solutions for enterprise market.

What’s New?
On request of many users, SVG section is added to XML.Startkabel.NL.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is an open-standard vector graphics language
that lets you design Web pages with exciting, high-resolution graphics including
such sophisticated elements as gradients, embedded fonts, transparency, animation,
and filter effects, using plain text commands.
The Scalable Vector Graphic format is based on XML (Extensible Markup Language)
and is being developed by a working group of W3C. For technical information
on SVG, see: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/index.html

Sub pages
To reduce the total number of links on the XML site, we introduced another
sub page http://xml2.startkabel.nl. More XML trainings and publications related
links would be put on this site in the future.

Hot topics as XSL, XHTML, XML specification and XML database system have
also their own sub page. These sub pages can be reached via the main xml
About XML Startkabel
XML Startkabel is a portal site dedicated for XML users. Our goal is creating
an online reference list for XML and XML related topics like XSL, XHTML.
We do not comment the links, but collect them and put them in categories.
If you like what we are doing on our website, please pass the word around
about http://xml.startkabel.nl/ and join our mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xml_start_here

Also if you have a XML related website, link to us and when people are asking
for URLs, please tell them about the content on our website. We also would
like to link to your site if it is related to the XML.

XML Startkabel team