OK I am lazy as they get. I have my COM builder that will generate all my
VB COM code based my tables. Now I want to back up a step. How can I get
something to generate the tables for me?

I want to generate my tables using a DTD as my source. The reasons for this
have less to do with XML and have more to do with speed, laziness, and more
golf time.

One of my new clients wants a new web site to include an entire management
system for their busines. The task is within my abilities but I am loath
to hand generate all the tables required in an industry I am not familiar
with. The client is only of limited utility in these situations because
they know their business but the usually arn't DBA's. However the DTD's
that I found at hr-xml.org are a wealth of information!

I am in the process of writting a VB app to turn that information into table
definitions. If anyone knows of an existing app please let me know so that
I can work on my swing.