I'm getting an error 70 permission denied error on a create object call.
Basically, this is what happens:

1. An NT service written in VB using the VB Service control from MS boots
up with the box.

2. This VB NT service is set to use an account BDMS with administrator priviliges.
I've gone through with user manager and set every additional permission
to administrator because of this problem but no fix.

3. The service attempts to create an out of process COM object. I've tried
both createobject against a latebound (type Object) variable and an early
bound "new" create call. Both fail.

4. The EXE server is running. Side effects of the COM EXE server work normally,
the application runs fine. The only problem is that the NT service never
got the object from the EXE server. Also, the EXE server just stays up,
it doesn't quit (unless I kill it).

5. The whole thing "just works" correctly (no error 70 permission denied)
if I set the service up to run as System Account. However, if I do this
the EXE server creates child processes that I cannot terminate with task
manager. The whole purpose of the EXE server is to keep other applications
running and from time to time I need to kill those applications manually
using task manager.

Any ideas how I can get this to work using the BDMS account (which I think
I have given every possible permission) or else how I can use task manager
to kill the spawned processes created by a service running as the System


Matthew Cromer