It appears that we have now figured out how to get the XP Home versus
Professional version information from the Windows XP operating system. I
have updated the code and it is available by linking to:

Look for the July 1998 tip of the month - Which Operating System. Code is
changed in module 'modOS.bas'. From the tip's intro:
In July 1998 I updated modOS.bas to support Windows 98. It became the
tip-of-the-month. In December 1999 I updated the module to support Windows
2000. In October 2000 I updated modOS.bas to support Windows Me. In October
2001 I added support for Windows XP versions. In December 2001 I added a
test for the Home versus the Professional version of XP.

2001/12/14 - I changed the method used to determine the XP Home versus Pro
versions. You should replace modOS.bas with the version dated 2001/12/14.

Thanks to all who helped - especially Michael Culley and Mattias Sjögren...

Larry Rebich

No personal e-mail questions :-)