Hello All,

I am new to audio/video capture. My requirement is to capture live
audio/video and broadcast this live content. I am very confuse with the way
of broadcast working.

I explain what I achieved.

I have a creative webcam. I am capturing video (frame by frame - Grab
Frames), Store it in .bmp file and then convert this .bmp file into .jpg
file and transfer this .jpg content to client. At client side, I receive
this image buffer store it in .jpg and display it on form. In my local
network this type of routine is working fine. I get live picture with this

My question is how I achieve live streaming ? is any special type of camera
is require for this operation ? or do I need to buy any special software for
live streaming ? Each time using this frame logic I get one bmp file, how I
convert this bmp in live stream and transfer it to client machine ?

Please explain me the difference between, what I achieve (store each frame
in .bmp and then convert it in .jpg and distribute it at client side) and
actual live stream. I know my technique will not work in media player +
using this technique I will not serve more clients....

Thanks in advance.

Bhavesh Vakil.

Sr. Programmer,
Anand Systems Inc.