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Thread: Banquet seating

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    Banquet seating

    [Originally posted by Last_Assassin]

    Need a application to manage the seating arrangements for a Banquet Night.

    you have been asked to set up some tables and chairs. A maximum of six people will sit at each table. Write a program that inputs the number of people that will attend, then prints the number of tables needed. Assume the maximum number of people allowed in the gym is 500. Furthermore you are asked to see that no one is sitting at a table alone. The simplest way to do this is to evenly distribute the people over the number of tables.

    Your output on the form must say how many tables and how many people at each table! Decisions regarding the appearance of the interface are yours; the only restriction is you must use arrays

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    Re:Banquet seating

    [Originally posted by Nick]

    is 2 at a table ok? ill start with that...

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