Please help a new VB developer

I have a VB6 application that allows a user to create a exam database and
then presents an exam to a student. This involves presenting test questions
and answers on a form.

I want to be able to increase the height of the text control when I am building
the test on the screen. I don't want to use scroll bars unless the .Height
gets too big. There will also be checkboxes next to the textboxes.

Also, It would be nice if there was some sort of grid or technique to keep
the check boxes and the text control in sync with each other.

My Question:
1) how do I know how big my text is so I can increase the .height
2) Is there any existing code, controls, techniques out there for keeping
my text and checboxes insync (with major coding)

Currently, I am looking at NetAdvantage for come clues

I appreciate any help. I am new at all of this!!!!!

Karen Willard