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Thread: Dll protection

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    Dll protection

    [Originally posted by Goravani]

    I am developing a commercial application.I have developed some DLL files for using it in my program.How can i protect my DLL files from crackers,who may use my DLL's for their program..Is there any way ?


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    Re:Dll protection

    [Originally posted by neophile]

    You can code in an Authenticate() method or something in each class...

    Option Explicit

    Private Const kKey As String = "samplekey"
    Private mAuthenticated As Boolean

    Private mSomeProp As Long

    Public Function Authenticate(ByVal Key As String) As Boolean
    mAuthenticated = (kKey = Key)
    Authenticate = mAuthenticated
    End Sub

    Public Property Let SomeProp(ByVal vData As Long)
    If mAuthenticated Then mSomeProp = vData
    End Property
    Public Property Get SomeProp As Long
    SomeProp = mSomeProp
    End Property

    Public Sub MakeAbsolute
    If mAuthenticated Then mSomeProp = Abs(mSomeProp)
    End Sub

    ... Of course, you might want a more complex key authentication concept than what I've exampled here ;) There's probably a better way, but I'm pressed for time and I don't know it, anyway ;)

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